Milano, 06.05.2015

The Salesian Family, today and tomorrow 7th May, will host the IX National Competition of Masterpieces of Vocational Sectors organised by the Centro Nazionale Opere Salesiane – Formazione e Aggiornamento Professionale (CNOS-FAP). This edition is different from the previous ones because it is included in the Don Bosco’s Bicentenary program and because the young competitors can meet the board at Casa Don Bosco in Expo 2015.

The “ Grande Gara dei Mestieri”, that involves 172 young people selected in every part of Italy, will be held at Casa Don Bosco. The competition will last 2 days during which will be proposed practical tests on 6 sectors of Vocational Education- Mechanical sector for machine tools, Electric sector, Mechanical sector for cars, Graphic sector, Catering and Energy sector - with other tests on science, mathematics, culture and informatics. The winner will be awarded on 8th May at Palazzo Lombardia in Milano together with the Authorities, the CNOS-FAP, the representatives of 38 national and multinational enterprises and other eminent testimonials as Filippo Galli, ex football player of Milan and trainer, Raul Marchisio, ex rally driver, Maurizia Cacciatori ex volleyball player and the writer Eraldo Affinati. This author belongs also to the Evaluation Board together with people who practice their professions at maximum levels, as the chef Davide Oldani.

The young people will compete to create a masterpiece in order to demonstrate their capability and abilities and to convince the board composed of experts as entrepreneurs and teachers. The competitors have to rise to the challenge and be able to face every situation in the world of work, also to obtain a new job position.

A view to the future that is connected also to the past, in 1884, in fact, Don Bosco participated at the Italian Exposition of Science and Arts of Torino to give value to the “hands knowledge”, a knowledge that evolves with the today’s new jobs. Thanks to this evolution it is possible read our Country history, of a project composed of active and profitable relationships with enterprises, often historic ones as with FIAT today FCA, Schneider Electric, CNH Industrial e DMG today DMG Mori, to help young people to find their vocational street and make their own future.