The Pavilion of the Salesian Family in EXPO 2015 will be called CASA DON BOSCO, as he wanted all his establishments to be called. It is a simple structure and essential in its components, easily recognizable and open to everyone, with a familiar and cosy atmosphere, much more than a place to visit. We take our own home and temporarily transport it to Expo... but we will explain it later.

Like any Salesian structure in the world, the Pavilion of the Salesian Family is first and foremost the "Casa", since it is the place and the environment for growth and development, where care for relationships and the family spirit are both the method and the way of life, spirituality and vital context.

It is also a school, because full of tools and paths that start to life, on the watch out for the best possible future for boys and girls, adolescents and young people. Valuing the multiple forms of education, CASA DON BOSCO offers educational and vocational training and enables the social and relational competence.

CASA DON BOSCO is also a playground, a space and vital context where young generations spontaneously and with creativity experience and develop in friendship, through encounter and confrontation, living the feast and the expressiveness, together with everyday life and spirituality.

And finally CASA DON BOSCO is also spirituality, i.e., an environment rich in human, religious and Christian values, in which our own vocation can be recognized and it is possible to nurture our dream; a network of human relations that favour in each person and each young person the interiority, and the care of ourselves; proposals and life experiences that emphasize taking responsibility and the desire for a better world.

Come to Expo and visit CASA DON BOSCO: you can personally experience these aspects. A way of collecting first-hand testimonies of those who before you lived and grew up in the "school" of Don Bosco. We will exchange views with you on many aspects of life, from the respect of the right to health care, to a healthy and sustainable nutrition to the ransom and social commitment.

As mentioned above, CASA DON BOSCO is temporarily in Expo. At the end of the exhibition, on October 31, 2015, the structure will be dismantled, loaded into containers and transported to Ukraine, where it will permanently continue to carry out its mission of home, school, playground, and spirituality. The entire structure was designed with the intention of ensuring the maximum possible sustainability, both in management and in terms of transportation and transfer to its permanent destination.

The privileged materials of CASA DON BOSCO are wood, steel and natural fibres. The structural parts of the ceiling, the floor, and a large part of the external coating are made of wood. Parts of the foundations and pillars are made of steel. The foundations are prefabricated and, once the structure is dismantled, they also will be brought to the permanent destination. The predominant part of the external covering of the entire structure is made of a cloth of natural fiber, a layer of hemp stretched from one part to the other of the structure.